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Energy Star Program for you.

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A New Hassle Free Option for Certification

Now there’s an easier way to ensure you’re building an ENERGY STAR® home. CBS LLC optional Certified Energy Raters (CER) package takes the hassle out of the strict testing and rating service process. You’ll gain recognition as an energy performance builder and may qualify for federal or State energy tax credit. Your customers will get the ENERGY STAR® certified home of their dreams.

The Excel Certified Energy Raters Package is your turnkey solution:

·      Certified Energy Raters reviews plans to ensure the entire home will meet ENERGY STAR® ratings.

·      Home is tested at the Modular Manufacturers  Plant and given ENERGY STAR® gray label certification.

·      On-site the Home is tested by a Certified  Rater and conducted and home receives official ENERGY STAR® blue label.

·      Certified Energy Raters issues an official performance report to the National Association of Home Builders, ENERGY STAR®, the builder and homeowner.


Related Information:

Take Note; many more Towns in New York are requiring that all New Homes comply with Energy Star.  In many cases the town codes say " Energy Star Qualified". The main problem is that the Town Building Departments do not know just what they want. Also Energy Star Rating and requirements are changing each year. A home that was Energy Rated two years ago may not fall under the new requirements. In any case we can design and build an Energy Star Home that will bring you lots of savings $$$$$ over the length of time of your ownership in that home.

Up Grade to better insulated Windows, Doors, and Insulation packages, a small investment today will save many hard earned dollars $$$$$ in the future.

Windows: Double Pane, Argon Gas Filled, Low E II.

Door's: Insulated Thermo Brake Fiberglass door panels.

Exterior Walls: 2"x6" R-21 or R-26 or higher.

Roof Ceiling: R-38 or Higher

Basement Ceiling: R-30 or Higher

Draft Stopping: Caulk, Seal, eliminate drafting.

Thermostats: Programmable Home Heating/Cooling  Thermostats a + $$$$$ savings. Energy Star Rating and Money back from NYSERTA while program lasts.

Building Green

Why Green?

"Green building" is a holistic approach to constructing homes and other buildings that encompasses everything from site development to careful selection of materials and designs throughout the building process to the owner’s future maintenance needs.


Excel is green right from the start thanks to our partnership with ENERGY STAR, ensuring your home and any options that you select from Excel will achieve the highest levels of energy efficiency. Next, our Green Building Program takes building green to the next level with our interactive Green Building Scoring Tool. Based off of NAHB's ICC-700 standards, this interactive tool allows you to build a green-rated home with a few clicks of the mouse.

In addition to the ENERGY STAR and Green programs, Excel has developed a series of green logos that complement each level of building green. You'll find these visual references throughout our website and in our materials to help you determine which options best fit your new home goals. Excel offers options that can meet both energy efficiency and green levels. Learn more about each level of green using the key below:

AN ENERGY EFFICIENT HOME uses energy efficient products such as high performance windows and doors, tight seals on insulation and ducts, and efficient heating/cooling equipment, lighting fixtures and appliances. Homes that operate at least 30% more efficiently than a standard home are eligible to receive the ENERGY STAR® label.

A GREEN HOME uses energy efficient ENERGY STAR® equipment, fixtures and appliances as well as building materials made from recycled and/or renewable resources. Green homes are designed to harness renewable resources, reduce environmental impact and maximize energy efficiency, working toward NAHB and LEED certification standards.