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Ways to provide our Modular Home to you.

What does our pricing Include?

What is “SCB”, “FOO”, “FIO”, “Turn Key”



SCB”, Set, Cap, Bolt, Only of the modular home sections. We will transport and deliver the modular home sections or units to your home site. We will have the Set Crew work with the lifting crane to place the units on your Foundation, We will align the sections and Cap the roof peak with Roof Cap Shingles and Bolt and Nail the units together as per the home instructions and make the Home Weather Tight.



FOO”, Finished Outside Only of the modular home sections.

The following items are “Included” in our listed pricing for “FOO


We will provide everything included in the above “SCB” and in addition the following.

We will order the Custom Modular Home as per the items on the CMHBS Sales Order Form, from our Modular Home Manufacturer. All needed items to finish the modular home above the sill plate and foundation for the modular sections are included or spelled out below.


We will order your new modular home and have it delivered to your new home site.

We will supply all items noted on the CMHBS Sales Order Form for your new home.

We will pay for all associated transportation permits and freight to your location.

We will pay for all crane and set crew fees involved in setting the closing up the modular home on your supplied foundation and sill plate at your new home site.

We will make the Modular Home and or its sections watertight the day of the home installation on your foundation, including shingles, ridge vent and cap.

We will complete and finish all outside additional fastening to the foundation, install starter strips, siding, corner posts, trim, fascia, soffits, “J” blocks, overhangs, drip edge, install and trim on the exterior any ship loose windows or doors.  



“FIO”, Finished Inside & Outside the modular home sections only.

The following items are “Included” in our listed pricing for “FIO”,


We will provide everything included in the above “FOO” and in addition the following.

Finish and complete all interior mating line passageway locations.


Install all interior doors at doorway/closet locations.

Finish all passageways i.e. corner bead, sheetrock, spackle, primer.

Install any tackless, carpet, pad and or carpet bars shipped with the Modular Home.

Install any shipped loose item from the factory for your new home.

Installing factory supplied stairs if part of the CMHBS House Order, (railings not included).

We will not make any mechanical connections (plumbing, heating, air conditioning or electric between floors).



“Not Included” for this posted pricing are.

Foundation, Sill Plates, Sill Seal, Lally Columns, Waterproofing of Foundation, Insulation below the modular home floor, Excavation, Driveway, Plumbing, Heating or Electric connections. Exterior Stairs, Decks, Railings, Porches, Garages, Boilers, Water Well, Septic systems or hookups, Basement Windows or Doors, Basement Close off package, Siding below the Modular Home floor system. Connecting of any plumbing, waste, drain, heating or supply lines above or below floor or in ceiling systems.



“Turn Key”

Any and all “Turn Key” pricing for complete A to Z of your New Modular Home or Building project will be priced after review of your Modular Home selection, location of property and all other required items needed to bring your new home to total completion. We will do as much as so contracted with you to bring your New Modular Home to completion for you.


We will complete all items of the “FOO” and “FIO” as well as any of the below items so contracted with us to do.


Site Work

Land Clearing,

Land Preparation



Excavation for Foundation